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On My Mind Monday (6) Wedding Haze

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No my lovely readers and new visitors I'm not getting married nor am I engaged. Wish I was but I'm not, I'm just simply a.....girl. Lately I've been hooked on my favorite wedding shows; Say yes to the dress and four weddings. I mean hello Friday is bride day on TLC. And yes, I know its Monday but I would like to talk about it today. Okay, main reason why today is because today is discussion day haha. But that's besides the point.
What I'm saying is I'm so hooked to those shows I've now developed very powerful feelings, which they started to bloom a bit before a certain someone left haha. These feelings have then led my eyes to wander onto David Bridals. So, I've been looking and I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble with that certain someone in the future haha. Not only have I been looking at wedding dresses I've been looking at cakes and decor. Yep, I finally found my dream wedding.
Now ladies, I know I'm not the only one that has done this. Plan and dream up my fantasy wedding. We all do. I mean it’s known we female start planning at a young age. Though I've never planned anything at the stereotype age we are known to start planning but the time feels right for me to plan. It’s probably no doubt the reason is because I don't want to be away from the love of my life for too long. But then again on certain things that my heart just knows is right I can be impulsive and if he would just let me be impulsive then there would be a wedding.
However, sadly there are just somethings that just can't be impulsive. Like a wedding. Especially if you want that dress, that castle you want to get married at, or that party. It all comes down to money, like everything else in this world. It’s how you survive. So, before he left he knew about these feelings of mine. He says "why don’t you want to start planning" after I told I was wishing for a day at the wedding shop after watching episode after episode of Say yes to the dress Atlanta. I replied back "because if I start planning I would want the wedding to happen like now" haha
I was right. But I don't want to wedding to just have a wedding, to have a big party. I want a wedding so I can finally start the next chapter of my life with him. So I can be finally be his wife and he can finally be my husband. Wow, I've always have dreamt that one day I would have this moment but at the same time I never thought love would come my way. Yet here I am and I can't believe how he just dropped into my life. Now a year later it’s all changed for the better. Thank you for loving me, for seeing me, and for accepting my adorable crazy shy ass haha.
Anyways I would like to show you all what I've come up with thanks to those addicting shows. To blame: both Say yes to the dress, I found the gown, four weddings, randy to the rescue, and My fair wedding with David Tutera.
~Dress Types~
I have yet to decide what but all I know is I want tulle or lace and or both haha

So, I see I'm more drawn to these haha
So, probably like those but with different shapes or a mix of square and circles and more colorfully flowers haha
with this on top
I absolutely find this cute, country boy loving a city girl (though I believe I'm more the cute country girl getting from my fathers side of the blood, it's only now showing more because of my man ;) haha)

Now decor
~Country Vintage Theme~


And the destination

~Preston Castle~

I absolutely adore this place. Been there twice for a tour; 2011 with family then 2013 with boyfriends family. Now I need to do the sleep over, visit the haunted house in Oct and get married there haha :D

Plus, now I see it can't hurt to start planning. It helps to know what the total will be at the end of the day early on haha.

So there is my dream wedding. Something different to talk about than books (I still love you books haha) but I thought you shall see a bit of me ^_^ Here's me, I hope you like!

What is your fantasy wedding? Were you the stereotype as a kid? If you're married, did you ever think it would be possible?
Let's talk, shall we!
Thanks for stopping by!


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