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Review: An Experiment with Werewolves (part 1) by K. Matthew

An Experiment with Werewolves, Part 1
An Experiment with Werewolves (part 1) by K. Matthew
Publication Date: April 19th 2012
Genre: Paranormal
Pages: 27
Format: Kindle
Source: Free from Amazon
It's been almost three years since Taya Raveen first set foot in the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation. After being unwillingly turned into a werewolf and then forced to leave the pack to live as a lone wolf, all hope of a cure for the werewolf condition quickly faded away.

Life was hard but manageable. With the true alpha by her side, Taya learned to live off the land and love a man who had once taken her against her will.

But when she receives a letter announcing that the werewolves are being freed, Taya's world quickly turns upside down. Tough decisions have to be made that could separate her from her lover forever.
~My Thoughts~
I would have liked this short so much more if there was better development, especially for the main characters. There's a lack of age, looks, a bit more about their backgrounds, more of their past, about their present. Just everything needed a bit more information. This reservation, were these places built cause the world knows about werewolves running around or were these places just built for werewolves to go to hid from the world?
There's just too many questions and not enough answers. And then there was over detail about this certain test to determine who were the alphas and what not. This part reminded me of a lot of dystopians. Oh yeah, I don't even know what year it is. 2013 or more into the future? Again too many questions.
The author does give little info on how Rex and Taya came together, he saved her life. But their relationship just doesn’t feel real. I mean, she was forced into this life and reservation. A bit forced to fall for him. I just really don't see their connection and Rex, I'm not a big fan of him. Major attitude problem and he is completely antisocial.
What is that word when a capture person falls and can't live without the one that captured them? Anyways, though she was not captured their relationship feels like that word I am looking for haha. Overall, it just needs more detail and less detail of the test for me to truly enjoy it. Maybe in the next installment there will be and yes, this short leaves with a cliffhanger. So yes, it makes me a bit curious about the next one, though I’m not dying to buy it.
If you want to give it a try then it’s free on Amazon
It will make you shrill
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  1. Aw man! I clicked on your blog, just knowing that I was going to hear good things about this book. It's werewolves! Too bad you didn't like it. :(

  2. @Diantha- Hey! I know, werewolves! And it fell short for me :(. I'm sorry I couldn't bring good news to you haha. It was an okay read though. And it's free, so maybe haha.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hopefully my next werewolf read will bring us both good news haha.