Monday, June 10, 2013

Boot Camp Write-a-thon (Week 2)

~Last Weeks Goals~
June 1- June 8
I would like to finish:
Chapters 14 through 16 in Secret Project & finish chapter Coleen (3) in The Gatherers
~What I Accomplished~
Chapter 14 on June 9 for Secret Project
So, the reason why I didn't accomplished much is because last week ended up being super busy.
Lets see, Monday I ended up not feeling good cause of the first day of the Curse. It seriously kicked my ass and I just had no energy at all and my lower back was freaking killing me.
Tuesday I was able to get some writing done, yeah!
Wednesday me and my sibs spent the whole day at my dads house to visit him and my sick grandmother.
Thursday was work day. We prepped for a garage sale that ended up on the hottest day this year so far :(. So we were moving things about and out of the garage so we could have room for the sale.
Friday another day at dads, trying to get as much time as we can with my grandmother before she passes.
And Saturday was the garage sale. Boy was it a long day, all our brains were fried when we closed the doors around 11:30
So, sadly I couldn't get much writing in and I know this week is going to busy too. This morning my sibs and I just found out our grandmother passed away this morning so we'll be dealing with that. We'll be there for our father as much as possible. So in the end I don't know how much writing I'll get done.
Hopefully a lot. Whether for the right projects or for the others that just came out of nowhere. I have four stories going right now on my tablet and I have never had so many at one time. They're just flowing and I have never written like this before. It feels absolutely amazing haha.
But for right now, this week is going to be simple. If I do more than my planned goals then that's even more better haha.
~This Weeks Goals~
June 10 - June 17
Start and finish Ch. 15 of Secret Project & get as close to finishing Ch. Coleen (3) in The Gatherers as possible
There you go. I'm sure this lost of mine, I'll have my fingers moving as a way to deal with it.The stories are just flowing and thankfully this Write-a-thon has yet to block me! ^_^ Also, I've gotten two letters from my man (happy moments for this week) and me sending out chapters to him have totally helped motivate me!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope to see some of you guys becoming fans of my work!

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